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One of the most crucial aspects of therapy is finding the right therapist. This should be someone you feel safe with and can trust in vulnerable moments. While this isn’t something one can immediately know about another person, this section will give you a sense of my overall style and what working with me might be like.


I approach the work of psychotherapy from a relational psychodynamic framework. Rather than treating symptoms alone, this depth-oriented approach focuses on uncovering and alleviating their root cause. Though symptoms are often seen as the “problem” that needs to be eliminated, they are actually a manifestation of something happening on a deeper level. They indicate that something within us needs to be attended to. When treatment fails to delve beneath the surface, symptoms tend to recur and we can end up stuck in a seemingly endless cycle.

My style is warm and authentic. Clients who work with me appreciate my dark sense of humor and ability to get to the core of what’s happening. They tend to see me as real, open-minded, and welcoming of folks who have been misunderstood or pathologized in therapy. Insight is my superpower and I'm not someone who will shy away from something important just because it might feel difficult or uncomfortable to talk about. I strongly feel that therapy should be a space where all thoughts and emotions are encouraged and welcomed without judgment. This is what enables unthinkable thoughts and feelings to become known.

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Depth-oriented psychotherapy emphasizes the relationship between past and present. In our sessions, I will be curious about the thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing in the present moment while also thinking about the ways they reflect formative past experiences and relationships. From time to time, I may also comment on something that I think might be happening between the two of us. Paying attention to the relational dynamics between client and therapist can provide a direct route to underlying sources of emotional pain that are otherwise difficult to access.​

I take a non-directive stance, meaning that it’s important for me to allow enough space for different aspects of your internal experience to emerge. I will share my thoughts with you, especially when something feels important, but I won’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead, our sessions will open up a reflective space where we have the freedom and spontaneity to play with different perspectives and think together in generative and restorative ways.​

Ready to get started?

If this resonates with you, I encourage you to set up a complimentary 20-minute phone consult with me so that we can get to know one another a little better.

You can leave me a voicemail or text me at 415.841.3338 or shoot me an email at

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