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Celebrating Queerness & Affirming You

Working with a therapist who doesn't really get you is straight unhelpful! Therapy, of all places, shouldn't be a space where you feel like you need to omit aspects of who you are to make someone else more comfortable. When you have to tuck away the parts of yourself that others aren't okay with in order to be loved, you implicitly agree to feel a little less okay with them yourself. Being our full and unfiltered selves means finding the places where we feel at home and don't have to hide. But finding a queer therapist can be tough, even in the Bay Area.

My practice is a space that celebrates queer identities. I connect well with folks who have felt misunderstood, judged or pathologized in therapy, and I hold the belief that all identities should be valued, honored, and respected. Wherever it is that you locate yourself across the spectrums of gender and sexuality, I see you and you are welcome here.

Being LGBTQIA+ is an awesome thing. It also comes with a unique set of challenges. We know that LGBTQIA+ folks have disproportionately higher rates of mental health problems and are disproportionately affected by trauma across the lifespan. In a world where homophobia, transphobia, inequality, discrimination, and hate continue to exist, this isn't exactly surprising.

If you have concerns about your mental health or emotional wellbeing, working with a therapist who is sensitive to issues facing the queer community can help. Whether you’re exploring your identity, grappling with trauma and loss, having trouble in relationships, struggling with shame and self-loathing, or simply need support that takes into account the totality of your life experiences, my door is open to you. When you're ready, just reach out.

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