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Supporting a Positive Transition to Adulthood

Adolescence can be an exciting, but incredibly challenging time. Teenagers are faced with the task of establishing who they are as individuals, while also trying to find a place where they belong. They're navigating complex emotions, forming new types of relationships with peers, and making difficult decisions about their present and future. In adolescence, teens are expected to become more independent and responsible for themselves than they were as children, but without the complete freedom that comes with being an adult. During this transitional period, family relationships often become strained, as parents and teens each adjust to their shifting roles.

The challenges of adolescence can lead to intense and confusing feelings of anger, shame, inadequacy, fear, and sadness that can leave teens feeling isolated or set apart from others. Individual therapy provides a safe and accepting space where teens can speak openly about difficult experiences and emotions that they may otherwise feel the need to hide from others. Having this type of consistent emotional support at such a pivotal time in one’s life can strengthen one's emerging sense of self, bolster feelings of safety and well-being, cultivate one’s capacity to weather emotional highs and lows, and lead to long lasting changes that will support a positive transition to adulthood.

For Parents

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